Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a fast, efficient and low cost method of information dissemination and communication directly to clients, stakeholders and the general public cellular phones using the Short Messaging Service (SMS). Bulk SMS is when multiple messages are sent to as much as 100 000 recipients at the click of a button. What makes our particular service unique is that it displays the name of your organization not the number like a normal text.

With our service the message can reach new or existing clients instantly through all our Three Networks and with the use of a database you can reach out to your target market around the country.

Bulk SMS is the ideal communication channel to keep your clients and the general public informed and updated about your products and services as well as creating a real time network of relevant information. The mobile device is the ideal medium for customer response because it is interactive and always on the move with the user. SMS marketing is one of the most responsive marketing communication mediums, with several times better response rates than direct-channel marketing. An SMS is likely to be read by a person quickly as the majority of people have their mobile phones with them all the time. SMS is automatically saved where it can be re-read or used as a voucher. If an offer is good, people will forward the message to their friends and a campaign can grow exponentially.

2-Way SMS

2 Way SMS is a Platform designed for 2-Way SMS messaging or Bi-directional SMS messages (Send and Receive). Users can send and receive messages using a memorable number that is a long code or a short code and is a great way to keep your messages in the forefront of the minds of current and potential customers alike. Sender details can be sent as alphanumeric. The user can retrieve and manage their messages through an inbox or portal designed on the platform

2 Way SMS messaging is an excellent way of reaching out to people and where some times  a response is what really matters for your organization like when running campaigns, researches, promotions, competitions and SMS voting. Knowing what your customers want and how they feel is a major factor in building customer loyalty and making business decisions.

Nobody could have predicted the growth in the use of SMS or text messaging over the past decade. And yet it is a convenient and simple method of communicating to the extent that it now has its own language! The growth in the number of cellular/mobile handsets has also meant that most people have access to a cellular/mobile handset, with our SMS service we provide a means of reaching your target market that no other communications medium can match.

Most companies use the media, newspapers or emails to communicate with their customers. With our service the message can reach new or existing customers instantly through our 3 Networks. This is a unique service that worldwide texting has become a means of communicating with a click of a button.